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Although at the time of writing there is only one full article up on the site, I would like to lay out a few ground rules for anyone wishing to contact me in regards to the material shown on this site. I look forward to having intelligent discussions with readers and builders but won't be responding to any e-mails that...

This list, regrettably, will probably grow as time goes on. It is by no means definitive, but by applying a little common sense to your questions or comments you can be assured of a fairly swift and helpful response. If you don't receive a reply then make sure that you have actually sent your e-mail and check your spam folder to make sure your spam filter hasn't prevented you from receiving my reply. You can access my e-mail address by clicking the link below. You'll have to go through a captcha, but unfortunately it's the only way avoid e-mail addresses being harvested from sites by ever more sophisticated spam-bots.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Michael Fearnley 2015