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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Overture from 'La Finta Giardiniera', K. 196

Bruno Walter conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


From Wikipedia

"La finta giardiniera ("The Pretend Garden-Girl"), K. 196, is an Italian opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart wrote it in Munich in January 1775 when he was 18 years old and it received its first performance on January 13 at the Salvator theater in Munich. There is debate over the authorship of the libretto; often ascribed to Calzabigi, some have attributed it to Giuseppe Petrosellini, but it is questioned whether it is in the latter's style.

In 1780 Mozart converted the opera into a German Singspiel called Die Gärtnerin aus Liebe (also Die verstellte Gärtnerin), which involved rewriting some of the music. Until a copy of the complete Italian version was found in the 1970s, the German translation was the only known complete score."

Recording Information

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Work Overture from 'La Finta Giardiniera', K. 196
Orchestra The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor Bruno Walter
Date Recorded 11th January 1938
Date Restored 19th December 2015
Serial Numbers HMV DB3431
Recording Cutter Blumlein
Bandwidth 50Hz to 8kHz
Transfer Stylus 2.8 mil truncated elliptical
Transfer Cartridge Stanton 500 at 5g
Transfer Turntable Hitachi HT-350 at 78RPM
Cutter Compensation 300Hz first order lift down to 30Hz
Click Reduction DeClick, wavelet mode, 62, 2 passes
Crackle Reduction DeCrackle, wavelet mode, 60, 2 passes
Low Frequency NR DeNoise LF, mono, 150Hz, -57dB
Wideband NR DeNoise, auto noise floor, -10dB reduction
Limiting Filter 48dB/octave Butterworth, at bandwidth limits
Additional Eq. None needed

Restoration Notes

This piece appears on the last side of 4 discs containing Mozart's Symphony No. 41 in C Major, which takes up 7 of the 8 available sides, leaving one free. It is a rather short piece for a single 12" side, taking just over 2 of the 4+ available minutes of time available. Because of the short duration, the groove spacing is quite high, allowing for a high level and good fidelity, bar some distortion, hence the excellent dynamic range.

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