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Created in 2015, Vintage Recordings is a section of the Objective Sounds site dedicated to preserving historic recordings. On this page you will be able to listen to and download restorations of 78 RPM records from my own collection, along with the credited work of others, that I have completed using Brian Davies' excellent audio restoration software.

All recordings uploaded from 2016 will be available for free download in high quality Vorbis. Please note that the although the file size is small, the bitrate of roughly 100kb/s Q7 is more than enough given that the files are all from a mono source with a limited bandwidth typically in the region of 7kHz. Transparency is reached in full bandwidth stereo with Vorbis at Q5, so given that the downloads are mono and over a limted bandwidth, Q7 is more than enough.

I appreciate positive comments, if you have any interesting information or constructive criticism regarding the recordings listed here, then please do feel free to contact me by e-mail.



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Copyright Disclaimer

The audio tracks listed on this page are digital restorations of 78 RPM records, many of which are in my possession, whose mechanical copyright has expired. No later release is used so any copyright affecting such a release does not apply to any of the sound recordings shown on this page. Claims to the contrary may be vexatious if pursued. Any communication between parties claiming copyright of the material on this website and the author of this site will be published immediately with great derision. The contents of this page must not be copied represented or sold without express permission.

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